Since I’m a trained pastry chef with over twenty years of industry experience this allows me to provide a wide range of services to my clients.

I’m one of the few Infused Edibles Specialist who’s traveled from Alaska to Maine to benchmark the cannabis-infused edibles market.


  • costing a recipe
  • teaching how to figre out yields and to be able to scale up
  • Teaching team leader how to create Production Lists, Schedules & Inventory, etc.  
  • teach the team to work smarter not harder “ clean and efficient “ 
  • calculate THC dosage 
  • efficient production methods and tools to be labor friendly 
  • use of the proper equipment to start your kitchen with
  • use of different flavorings from various company’s 
  • various packaging options


  • chocolate tasting so you and your staff can learn the nuances of white , milk & dark chocolate
  • teaching your staff how to temper chocolate by hand “to start with “ 
  • the use of tempering machines for scaled up production 
  • how to properly calculate the THC dosage for your edible product 
  • how to properly infuse “ chocolate “ edible 
  • how to create an edible from concept to production 
  • suggestions on chocolate equipment you may need based on your desired edible menu 


  • teach the team how to make a gummy recipe from scratch 
  • teach use of the different types of Gelatin 
  • teach how to properly infuse THC into the gummy formula 
  • teach how to start on a small scale, deposit by hand to start with, and then use depositing machines
  • suggestions on gummy depositing equipment you may need based on your desired edible menu 
  • suggestions of the proper equipment when its time to scale up 
  • teach how to “properly flavor “ calculate flavors, multi-flavored gummy products  
  • teach how to use a Refractometer to measure Brix