Whats included:

  • Full recipe and detailed procedure
  • Ingredients and small wear equipment list + suppliers info
  • 1h consultation via phone or video call with myself to go over the procedures listed in the recipe
  • Additional information regarding infusion method.
  • Compatible with Universal Depositor from Trufflymad

Also available:



You will be able to create self-stable candy or confectionary items utilizing my 20 years of experience as a pastry chef. Whether you’re a brand-new operation or an established manufacturer, I can work with you to create your desired confectionary item.

The recipe provided to the client will have a SOP step-by-step directions to make a great tasting consistent gummy product.

All Recipes I developed are industry standard and 3rd party lab tested for pH, Water Activity, and Microbial—texture and moisture Analysis.


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