Our Mission

Chef Michael started making infused edibles in 2004 while he was an instructor at a local culinary college in Miami, Florida.

A student had approached him about how to make THC infused edibles for her mother who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I then started my medicated career by making edibles for cancer patients by using by experience as a pastry chef. I began consulting within the industry and teaching at trade shows about cooking with cannabinoids. Chef has traveled from Alaska to Maine visiting all medical and recreational marijuana markets.

The need for consistency in edible products was very obvious. I started to travel teaching the following topics.

Do the Math : Know the Basics How to Properly dose an edible.

There are many ways to medicate, but using it as a medicine requires proper dosing and the use of high quality standard food products, which should be created by an experience chef.

Chef Michael was one of the first to have a compliant food facility for edible production in the state of Florida. Chef has won numerous awards for his edibles

“Florida’s Best New Product 18’ “

“Endo Sesh Peoples Choice Award 19’ “

Jack Herer Cup Winner 19’ Best Edible